The creative side of a brand message involves figuring out how to say “it”. We refer to this as “designing the message.” The art of message design involves creating an impression with the most relevance, inventiveness, and impact.
The Brand message must be placed into a useable design concept. This design concept may begin as a phrase, an image or a word. If a phrase or word, the next step is to try to visualize what the concept looks like. If it begins as an image, the next step is to try to come up with words that express what the visual is saying. The ideal concept is expressed simultaneously through both visual and verbal elements. Words and pictures reinforce one another.
Our creative services have been designed taking in mind every minute details and intricacies of a simple and complex project. By leveraging on our creative skill set, you can effectively and affordably convey your marketing message to your targeted audience.
Brand Development
For any product or service to have a successful take-off, it is vital to pay attention to its brand development. In this day and age, without branding a product does not really stand a chance against its competitors. This holds true for a website too. Brand development is quite necessary to get the attention of the audience, earning their loyalty and finally making profits. It is all about creating the right buzz about your business. And only the correct equity, positioning, identity and development will help you generate the business that you want.
Our strategy, when it comes to brand development, focuses on three major aspects, namely Logo Design, Marketing Materials and Style Guide. Let us take a deeper look into the mode of our functioning for a successful brand development:
Logo Design
We believe that the most important step before starting anything is the groundwork. Hence we ensure that we do our homework well. We study, read, listen, research and analyze in detail your company and its requirements. We also spend a good amount of time doing the same for your nearest competitors, so that we can understand where you are placed and how you can score over the others.
After all the research and the analysis, the next step is compiling all the ideas that have come up during this course. For any creative process to be a success, brainstorming is a very important step. This helps in determining the right artistic direction for your brand. Colour analysis, is another important aspect that we pay careful attention to. Many a times, this feature goes unnoticed or ignored. But it is very important to understand that colour itself constitutes a very important part of a website, because if used correctly it helps in evoking positive emotions and subsequently recognition. At the same time, there should not be too much of colour play because this could ultimately revolt the audience, and we certainly don’t want that!
Next comes the phase of the actual logo design process. Code Care Technology ensures that the best solution based on our information and research is provided to you. Your logo should be powerful enough to be recognizable by itself, and we see that this is indeed possible. We take utmost care that your logo design becomes memorable and can resonate with your audience.

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